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Domain Name Registration

An important step in internet marketing is to have a memorable internet address or addresses (you may hold as many domain names as you wish), e.g.

Otherwise known as a URL or a domain, this should be as short as possible and reflect the name or business of the organisation, so that it can be found intuitively by clients not quite sure of the address but prepared to make an educated stab at it.

Horizontal Rule

The extension "" identifies an company as British whereas the ".com" extension tends to be used by international companies. Other extensions are also available and we are always happy to explore domain name options for clients.

Each domain name is unique and issued on a first come, first served basis. Thousands of new domains are registered every day. We urge all businesses and organisations to register and secure their preferred internet identity name (which is also effective for email facilities) immediately, even if you have no immediate plans to proceed further with a Web site. RedPen can advise you and register and confirm the name by phone normally within a few minutes.

Registration is effective for a two-year period and must then be renewed.

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